Command line package and environment manager

  • Verify conda is installed, check version number
conda info
  • Update conda to the current version
conda update conda
  • Install a package included in Anaconda: Some package popular, such as: numpy, scipy, matplotlob, pandas …
conda install PACKAGENAME
  • Update all
conda update --all
  • Activate root
activate root
  • Run an installed package (Jupyter Notebook)
  • Update a package in the current environment
conda update scikit-learn
  • Show version information for the current active Python
python --version
  • To list the packages in the current environment, use the command
conda list
  • The search command can be used for searching the package names which can be installed.
conda search <search_term>
  • To remove a package, use the remove command
conda remove <package_name>

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