Blockchain Technology for Health Sector

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Idea to use Blockchain Technology for Health Sector:

“Currently patients cannot be tracked to see how each patient record of when they started there medical journey- attended a Gp clinic and when they went home if they also attended hospital and while discharged did they go to another speciality because clinical systems do not talk which belong to different trusts- therefore never see a complete picture.

As everyone is lately reading up on blockchain technology which is adapted by crypto currencies this same tech can be applied to patients unique NHS number. So a patient can have there journey mapped out from start to end anonymously for analysis purposes and also the data can be applied better future health plans to see where demand is.”

— Google search

In the world, many companies have done that, you can read more link below to know more.

I hope this idea will be useful for you and do something better 😀

See you next idea ✌️

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